i3-timer now supports key bindings

Published May 18, 2020

I’ve just pushed an update to i3-timer, a simple timer for the i3 window manager’s status bar built for i3blocks, that adds the support to key binding. You can now easily start and stop the timer from keyboard shortcuts.


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qr-filetransfer is now called qrcp

Published April 19, 2020


I just published qrcp, originally called qr-filetransfer, a command line tool to transfer files over wifi from your computer to your mobile device by scanning a QR code without leaving the terminal.

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Project preview: Banco

Published January 28, 2020

For the last few months I’ve been working to a new project called Banco. Banco is a project management tool for the command line written in Go, built in a way that it enforces my own way of organizing projects’ resources like notes, tasks, bookmarks and documents. I will be writing more about this project in the next weeks, for now I will just paste the README here. Find it on github.com/claudiodangelis/banco.

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A Chrome profile launcher for Rofi

Published February 27, 2019

What is Rofi? Rofi is a powerful window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement for Linux which provides the user with a textual list of options where one or more can be selected. This can either be running an application, selecting a window, or options provided by an external script.


It only requires bash and python.


See Github repository: claudiodangelis/rofi-chrome-profile-launcher

rofi -modi 'Chrome Profile':/path/to/rofi-chrome-profile-launcher.sh -show 'Chrome Profile'


Start typing the name of the profile you want to open, then press Enter.

When you launch it:


When you start typing:


Usage with i3wm

To use it i3wm add this line to .i3/config.

bindsym Mod1+Shift+Control+o exec rofi -modi 'Chrome Profile':/path/to/rofi-chrome-profile-launcher/rofi-chrome-profile-launcher.sh -show 'Chrome Profile'

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Dün theme for VSCode

Published February 21, 2019

I published a very simple theme for Visual Studio Code: everything is gray, strings dark yellow.

This theme is generated with Tyriar/vscode-theme-generator and you can get it from the VSCode Marketplace.






Contributions are welcome, check the github repository.

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