News from qr-filetransfer development

qr-filetransfer logo

Two important news from qr-filetransfer development, a project I launched a few months back:

  1. Ability to transfer files from mobile to desktop
  2. As you might have guessed, we have a logo!

Mobile-to-Desktop transfers

To transfer files from mobile to desktop, you need to pass the -receive flag followed by the path you want to transfer files to:

qr-filetransfer -receive ~/Downloads

By scanning the QR you will be prompted with an upload page on your mobile:


About the logo, it’s called quick-fingers and it was provided by @arasatasaygin as part of the openlogos initiative, a collection of free logos for open source projects.

Check out the rules to claim one: rules of openlogos.

Relevant Github threads:

Thanks again to the amazing Github community!

Something to add?

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