Popup For Keep has been refactored

As anticipated a few weeks back, I was in the middle of a major refactoring of Popup For Keep, a simple Chrome extension that lets you easily open Google Keep into a top-right corner of the browser and/or have it as a floating popup.

Screenshot Of Popup For Keep

Refactoring was required due to an increasing number of feature request, the original codebase was quite patchy and hard to maintain.

As a user, you shouldn’t be expecting any major difference from the previous version. However, any feedback is always welcome.

The refactoring is now complete, so I can start working on new features like having a resizeable popup. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Popup For Keep is an open source product, any contribution is welcome, you can find the source code at Github.

Something to add?

Be sure to let me know! I am @daw985 on Twitter.