Refactoring Popup For Keep

It’s been more than 3 years now since I open sourced Popup For Keep, a simple extension to open Google Keep into a Chrome’s top-right corner popup.

Screenshot Of Popup For Keep

Although it was initially developed to satisfy my own silly whim, it quickly reached more than 13000 installs and the number keeps growing, and the number of feature requests I receive from users keeps growing as well.

However, given that it wasn’t intended to be adopted by more than 1 user (me), and given the need to fix bugs and add features as the userbase grows, the current code is getting quite a mess, and it definitely needs some refactoring.

The initial version (the current one on the Chrome Web Store) is just a bunch of JavaScript functions, but I’m fixing this. I’m writing the next version with Angular 5 in its TypeScript flavor.

What has been refactored so far:

What is being refactored:

What I plan to introduce right after refactoring the code:

I will post updates here from time to time and if you have feedback or feature requests, drop me a line by email or twitter, or file an issue on github.

The source code and the issue tracker can be found at

Something to add?

Be sure to let me know! I am @daw985 on Twitter.